"Land and Light" was a series of four creative sensory walks devised and facilitated by Wild Gathering and funded by the Adur and Worthing Trust.  These walks started in June 2021 at the time of the Summer Solstice and finished in August around the time of Lammas.  We worked with West Sussex MIND and Social Prescribing, offering places on each walk through these local community organisations.


Our sensory walks explored the beach, Waterwise Garden, meadowed urban spaces and Whitebeam Woods, the last site of ancient woodland in the Borough of Worthing.  Once we had used our senses to explore these spaces we invited participants to create ephemeral images inspired by their experience using natural found objects.  We then gathered words and sentences to create word pictures of our time together.

Pictures of the images together with typed up copies of the poems were sent to our contacts at Social Prescribing and West Sussex MIND who then passed them on to the participants.


Those birds

The way they stick together

Flying in shoals above the sand.

Scrunchy swirly wood bleached by the sun

A macrocosm of everything.

The drying grasses blowing in the wind

Finding their way.

Joined by a dragonfly, butting in on our talk,

Listening as we paused.

Butterflies duelling, undulating together,

Beauty of the dandelion

Four strangers enjoying the day.



Ancient woods and ancient oaks

Established authorities – the bosses of the woods.

Tree beard the old old oak,

Nine hundred years growing,

Four hundred years homing.

Collaborating and sharing space

Branches touching, reaching out

Hand in hand.

In this space hand and heart connect.

The rustic rough oak to the smooth warmth of the finished furniture.

Within the green a multitude of other colours,

And the sunlight dappling through the leaves.

The beauty of the oaks

The beauty of the woods,

History, strength,

Protection, shade,

Rows and rows and rows,

Peaceful and full of birdsong,

Greenness of the leaves,

Trees giving out oxygen,

By doing good they need protecting

Different world that’s very calming

Coolness of the breeze

Refreshing against our skin.


Freedom – able to be myself,

Time to look,

Crawling skin calmed down listening to the sea.

Not knowing

Felt able to talk.

Not judging

Noticing different things

Space, sea, tide going out.

Colour of the sky – dark and intense,

Lighter a happier vibe – when the wind pushed it away.

Dark clouds being overpowered by light blue sky,

Sun warming my skin in the grasses.


Noticing the new growth

Tide coming in

Cutting the sea grass.

Birds flying around

Singing in the sky.

Standing stones as time and tide go by.

Wind in your face,

Sun in your hair,

The water so quiet and still.

Today is so peaceful and calm,

Flat sheet like sea

Covering the sea bed.

Quiet and still by the sea

No traffic around to distract.

Paws and claws on the sea shores.

We are on the beach, where are the mermaids?

About the bees

Colour, flowers, intensity

Changing clouds


Differences moving across the pebbles

Calming water

Different textures

We are on the beach

Nature in hostile salt

Next to traffic noise

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We are hugely grateful to the Adur and Worthing Trust for funding this project, and to everyone at Colonnade House for supporting us in developing Light and Land.