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19th - 20th December 2020: Dreaming Back The Light 

As we approached the darkest point of the year, the midwinter Solstice, Dreaming Back The Light  offered an opportunity to pause and take some time for reflection. This workshop took place out on the land, as the light faded. During our time together we connected with the land both in the light and the dark. 

'A perfect end to a very difficult year. Mother Nature has been a fundamental support in 2020. Great to give time and space to honour her.'

'This workshop gave me the opportunity to step away from the craziness of life and the difficult times we are living through. It was great to spend time on myself and with myself, in the company of supportive strangers.'

2020: Celebrating Seasons and Gifting Gratitude
Using natural materials to create images in the landscape.

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